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Effective Chineese Physiotherapy

 Effective Chineese Physiotherapy
 Effective Chineese Physiotherapy
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Tuina - effective chineese physiotherapy. It has been in use for over 1000 years and has proved to be times more effective and helpfull than massage.    Tuins solves acute and chronic orthopedic problems, pain in the joints and muscles,  back, neck and head aches. Improves digestion, sleep and balances Qi - vital energy of the body. It is used  for post-trauma rehabilitation, neurotic conditions, chronic diseases.

No oil, therapy performed on dressed patient. 1 session of 40 minutes per week is enough to  improve your health condition. You will feel dramatic relief  after 3-5 visits. I am Esther ,  37 years old, certified tuina therapist.   Call me 0542200207 to arrange the treatment in  Tel-Aviv -Yaffoo area in convenient time.  

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