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Docu-therapy: Meaningful present for parents & grandparents!

Docu-therapy: Meaningful present for parents & grandparents!
Docu-therapy: Meaningful present for parents & grandparents!
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“Do Something Today That Future Generations Will Thank You For....”

Offer your parents, grandparents, friend or loved one a meaningful present which in essence is a gift for the entire family. Docu-Therapy enables you to capture memories, share life lessons and to bring personal narratives to life.

Docu-Therapy was developed by an occupational therapist and a life skills evaluator to help the interviewee explore and share the process they went through to become the person they are today. It’s more about insights and inspiration than a pure documentation of their history and milestones.

The basic Docu-Therapy package includes the following:

  1. A phone/skype intake with the interviewee and/or another family member.

  2. The filmed interview in the home of the interviewee.

  3. Editing and final production.

  4. A copy of the movie.

Docu-Therapy is a unique opportunity to pass along values, strategies for resilience and inspiration to the next generation.

For more information:

Dena Lehrman 054-9425600

Dena Lehrman
Occupational Therapist
Life Skills Evaluator

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SERVICING: Jerusalem | Gush Etzion | Beit Shemesh

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