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Professional Home Organising Services For Everyone

Professional Home Organising Services For Everyone
Professional Home Organising Services For Everyone
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From Melissa Nahshon
If you feel like you aren't ever going to tackle a huge amount of clutter and are organisationally challenged, it might be time to hire someone who is good at this (like me!!). You hire someone to do your taxes or a contractor to fix your house. Why not someone who is able to help you organize your possessions? Sometimes it’s better having an outside person helping you, someone who isn't attached and can be honest and helpful to get your whole house organized. Hiring a professional organizer isn't saying you can’t do it, it’s just saying that you can do it with the right guidance.

Please click the link below to visit and like my Facebook page for more info and message me to book your free consultation TODAY!

"Order in the House-Calming the Chaos" or call Melissa Nahshon for more info0523308597

Order Through Understanding

Letting go of clutter is a difficult process that does not come naturally to most of us.
At Order In The House we will help you to

  • Eliminate clutter while preserving the things you treasure
  • Create a space that feels and looks good
  • Let you truly enjoy your home or home office

Afterwards you will have a space that looks good and functions well.
This will help you eliminate confusion, waste and save you time and money.

Finding things can be impossible and time consuming – don’t find them, KNOW where they are!

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SERVICING: Netanya | Sharon | Modiin

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