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Music teacher Jerusalem

Music teacher Jerusalem
Music teacher Jerusalem
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A new way of building musicianship.

Ear and voice training, basic piano familiarity, all as part of a method the build natural musicianship and clear understanding of music.

Not everybody is blessed with a natural ear for music. Some hear tone position and some don't, some hear all its subtleties and some don't. In music, like with anything in life, context is all. When somebody lacks the context out of which great music is created they miss out on it altogether.

I’ve become aware of things that I naturally have but many people don't. I've therefore developed a way to teach people the building blocks of music, and presenting it as clearly as I can, repeating it until it's a part of you. Helping you hear, sing in tune, to play, to improvise, and create music.

Musical context, classical guitar, general musical development, improvisation, harmony, voice training, ear training, and solfege.

I speak English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Dutch.

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