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Rabbi Shlomo Golish - Certified Mohel

Rabbi Shlomo Golish - Certified Mohel
Rabbi Shlomo Golish - Certified Mohel
CALL NOW  (058) 321-0909
 Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem
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Mazal Tov on your Baby Boy!

I am Rabbi Shlomo Golish, and I look forward to performing your son's Bris!

Are you ready for a no-rush Bris, with a Mohel who is patient and understands your family's needs?

I am a Mohel with over 10 years experience, and I am recommended by some of Jerusalem's Senior Mohelim. I trained in and have performed Brissim in the U.S.A., England, and Israel. I combine the Tradition of the past Mohelim with modern technique and medicine. My Semicha in Milah is from Harav Mendel Fuchs of Ramot.

All of my Brissim are performed in a sterile atmosphere. I do not believe in the One-Size-Fits-All Bris. I believe each child should be dealt with in a custom manner, according to their specific anatomy. Attention to detail is my priority.

All of my Brissim are performed with natural coagulation technique and medicine. I do not use vessel constrictors which are not recommended by doctors, so prevalently used by many modern Mohelim. Anesthetic is used according to the medically allowed limit. Your baby's health is my utmost importance.

Precision is my specialty. Quick healing is my expertise. Hygiene is my priority. And Excellent Customer Service is my dedication. I will come see the baby before the Bris, and I will come later for the aftercare. You will be comfortable approaching me for any concerns or questions.

I am additionally trained to perform all types of complicated Brissim.

Many references available.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

You can visit my website at

Rabbi Shlomo Golish
(058) 321-0909 or

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