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Don't Let Your Past be Forgotten. Preserve it Now.

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Everyone has a story to tell.  Each day in our lives is filled with challenges, hopes and dreams. There are many people who have kept the secret of who they are tucked deeply inside them and in a rush to the finish line, they need to let it all out. Other people simply want their past to be known so that the narrative could serve to teach, elevate and inspire……

Let me help you capture the years that have gone by documenting your past as a precious legacy for your family. I will meet with you wherever you are and listen to your story so I can write it up  exactly as you want it… a true reflection of who you are. 


Precious Legacies: A written narrative of your life or the life of a parent or grandparent.  

Your life may have been overwhelming but recording the story doesn’t have to be.  Precious Legacies recounts your past and examines your present in an passionate recounting that will be appreciated by your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Through the interview and writing process, we will explore childhood memories, visit milestones, review relationships and career paths and I will present you with an eloquently written journal of your life for future generations.

To find out more about writing a legacy book for yourself or your parents, please complete the following form:

Writing Sample 1

This is the story of an extraordinary man who lived a life of continued adventures. Born in 1925 in an poor village in Czechoslovakia, he was less than 13 years old when the Germans invaded. The Nazis murdered his father, sent his mother to her death in a gas chamber and he was left alone in the world. He learned to survive by playing his violin in private meetings for a Nazi commander and acting as an interpreter for the Russian army. He wrote this book as a legacy for his wife and children. 

Writing Sample 2

Menachem fell in love with Suri from the first moment he saw her and proposed within days.  This is the story of a boy who grew up on a farm in Romania and a girl from Chicago who come from different backgrounds and build a strong religious life together. Follow their personal accounts as they recall their lives as children and as a married couple, bringing up their children in the United States and then in Israel.  Laugh at their delightful approach to life and smile at their successes. Follow this romantic story about an extraordinary family.

Cina Coren

Precious Legacies


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