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Chaim Apsan | Marketing Consulting

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  Givat Shmuel
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My name is Chaim Apsan, I’m a Marketing Consultant with 5 years of experience helping companies and individuals reach peak performance in the following areas:

1. Social Media
What started as a way for people to stay connected became one of the most powerful marketing tools. Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are an excellent and easy way to find clients. Equally important is knowing how to post relevantcontent so they come to you. I can create and program captivating posts that will keep your audience wanting for more.
2. Website Creation
Nowadays, a website speaks more than 1.000 words. It’s basically your online business card and companies simply can’t afford to have a less-than-wonderful website to show. Pages and landing pages need to be carefully built following design techniques so that your customers will be captivated by your message. Whether you have a clinic, studio, small business, Fortune 500 company or anything in between, you need a stunning website!
3. Content Writing
The best way to reach your audience and be found in search engines like Google is through targeted SEO articles and site content. Clients desire to connect to their favorite companies, and that means reading engaging content that speaks to them. After all, if they enjoy your articles,they will remain loyal and recommend it to their friends. As a writer, I can research and create articles for you that will rank well and satisfy your clients.

4. PPC Campaigns
Google Adwords and Bing Ads are the next level in online advertising. A PPC campaign can be costly but its benefits can also begreat. Paid keywords are a gamechanger when it comes to being found in search engines, but it needs to be done carefully. After knowing about your company's goals and strategy, I am able to do a thorough keyword researchin order to set up a profitable PPC campaign for you provided you have the capital to spend.

5. Branding Strategy
How youdifferentiateyour servicesis crucial in order to stay ahead of the competition. It's important have a clear goal of how you want to position yourself and how your clients should see you. Let me help you find your "special sauce" and show it to the world in the most cost-effective (and fastest) way.

6. Database Implementation
If you need to track your clients’ data, issue reports or send mass marketing e-mails, this is for you. Having a smooth sales process allows you to maximize productivity and lower costs tremendously. I have worked extensively with many databases softwares and can implement it, transfer your data and train your team to effortlessly use it and generate reports. I can also integrate your website and CRM system with online Email Marketing Softwares, and write Mail campaigns to increase sales.
I’m looking forward to working with you!

Let me know how I can help your company.
Kol tuv,
Chaim Apsan
Marketing Consultant

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