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Commercial Cleaning Services | Great Prices, Great Services

Commercial Cleaning Services | Great Prices, Great Services
Commercial Cleaning Services | Great Prices, Great Services
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Provide an amazing service that people do not expect !!!!
There are a million cleaning companies in Israel, so why choose us?
Usually, every cleaning company tries to earn as much as possible in the short term
For example, for every dollar invested in marketing, you want to get 2 NIS back or if you buy new equipment then narrow the return to the launch as soon as possible and so on.

In the Professor of cleanliness, the most important thing is to give an experience from the usual Meged with regard to price, service, and results !!!!
For your own sake, we have built a telephone consultation system,a professional cleaning blog, and a particularly competitive cleaning price list
Our websiteis built with a thought forward to serve you on any subject in the field of cleaning

Our cleaning company has extensive experience and expertise in everything related to cleanliness in all its aspects, including cleaning of houses and apartments, cleaning after renovations, polishing services,polish floors and stairs, cleaning sofas, cleaning chairs and upholstery, cleaning carpets, cleaning mattresses, Maintenance of buildings and more.
A little about the cleaning company
Professor of cleanliness was founded in 2004 by the company's CEO, Nadav Abuchatzeira (a cleaning person with certificates) who always aspired to one level above all in everything related to cleaning services. Nadav was involved in a number of large projects in the United States. After gaining considerable momentum and building a successful cleaning company, Nadav was sold to Monsey Batrah Construction.
After returning to Israel, the planning stage began, and based on the great reputation it accumulated, a professor of cleanliness was established, with the goal of being one of the best cleaning companies in Israel.
Since our re-establishment, we have been awarded the status of a cleaning company leading to consulting among professional contractors and many customers. Professor of cleanliness is responsible for dozens of successful projects and cleaning works.

Visit us on the company's website at

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SERVICING: Ashkelon | Ashdod | Sharon | Beit Shemesh | Gush Etzion | Modiin | Jerusalem

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