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Shivuk Haatika - Online Supermarket - English Website

Shivuk Haatika - Online Supermarket - English Website
Shivuk Haatika - Online Supermarket - English Website
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  JLM, Gush Etzion
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Back in Ellul 5777 (2016), we had a vision. The vision, accompanied by a sharp business acumen, courage and a large dose of faith - was to establish ShivukHaatikaand take the global online shopping and retail revolution into every home in Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, Binyamin settlements and Gush Etzion.

The purchase is carried out on our user-friendly website andviaphone,and saves the customer time, trouble and energy.

Our company and warehouse are located in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone. Customers orders are received through our website and transferred to our logistics team who pick and pack the groceriescarefully,while keeping the quality of the products fresh under the right temperature conditions. Shivuk Haatika uses 100%israeliworkers from packing to shipping.

We are committed toprovideexcellent service to our customers. Each and every customer - private and institutional alike -receivescourteous attention from our dedicated customer service department. Shivuk Haatika prides itself on its service andquality,and strives to improve its operation by being continuously attentive to customer feedback. You can contact us on any subject by phone*2741or email

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SERVICING: Gush Etzion | Jerusalem

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