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Long Term Rental in RBS Aleph near Shopping Area

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Tal Guest Room, Gavna Restaurant.

CALL NOW  +972527203715, +97252-7203720
  Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Bat Aayin
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Tal Guest Room is a guest room located in Bat Aayin 15 minutes from Jerusalem in an area with an amazing area with a beatiful view that observe all over the Jerusalem mountains and Gush Etzion area. Right next to the guest room u can enjoy the springs and the special atmoshphere and peace.
The guest room itself is completely facilitated with hot tub, a small kitchen ,cable tv and a small gorgoues garden.

price per night stands on 150$, geusts that stay for 2 nights and more will recieve a free breakfast at the family restaraunt Gavna which located at Bat Aayin aswell.

at the family house u can meet with Ruthy Tal which is the owner of the guest room ofcourse and a very talented artist, enjoy some amazing art work and purchase aswell.

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SERVICING: Jerusalem | Gush Etzion

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Last updated: 5.5.2015 | Views: 714

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