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Manicures And Hair on Emek: 10% off for New Customers

Manicures And Hair on Emek: 10% off for New Customers
Manicures And Hair on Emek: 10% off for New Customers
CALL NOW  0545287413    
 30 Emek Refaim J'lem, German Colony
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Help your hair and nails look the best they possibly can!

10% off for all first time customers.

Personalized treatments with the best products the beauty industry has to offer, expertly and beautifully applied.


  • OPI PolishManicure for upto 7 day wear.
  • OPI GEL POLISH: Flawless 20 day gel manicure formulated for longest wear AND easy removal. With proper application and monitoring, gel polish should have no adverse effects on your nails but rather can provide that extra layer of protection for your natural nails. Short nails will grow out beautifully and longer ones stay perfectly maintained.
  • STARNAIL Gel Extensions and Fill-Ins: Added reinforcements for chronically weak nails. The flexibility and natural look of gel polish combined with the strength of nail extensions. These babies never lift and will rarely break. A gorgeous innovation in nail extensions.
  • Eyebrow Shape and Lip Wax with Depileve and Aloe Vera Aftercare.
  • SCHWARZKOPF Pro Color:
  • SMARTBOND: That extra lasting glow to your colour.
  • KERATIN Treatments: Cutting edge chemical free formula. Wake up every day with glossy, frizz free, natural, bouncy hair. 6 months of maintenance free hair!
  • New products constantly coming in.

Appointments always advised but walk-ins are also welcome (basis of availability)

Open 9.30-7. Located next to the post office on Emek.

Take care of yourself!

X Rachel, Shmulik, and Ran.

Coming soon!

Hot Paraffin Wax Peeling Hand Mask for intense moisture and softening. Also beneficial for arthritis and aching joints.

Call or email today to connect!

Nails 054.528.7413 /

Hair 02.563.8888

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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