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Long Term Rental in RBS Aleph near Shopping Area

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Hebrew To English Translator for Olim Doc & Go With You

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  Jerusalem Israel
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Having a difficult time dealing with Israelis and are just frustrated? Tired of going back and forth somewhere and they keep on telling you that your missing something and youll need to come back with the right documents. I think you need Hebrew Services! I specialize in helping olim out with hebrew services. The service that I provide is, I will help you to fill out any documents and as well I will go down for or with you (depending on the situation) in order to get what you need done, fast and easy, so I can save you time and a headache. I made Aliya about 3 years ago and understand the frustration that Olim have when they need something and just can't seem to get it and when you do, you've been thrown from one place (department) to another, or had to return numerous times. Well I'm here to help you out with that. I am fluent in both English and Hebrew and have been helping people out with Hebrew (Israeli) Services for quite sometime. Please give me a call at (058) 761-5236 or Email me at so we can get started today!!

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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