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Jerusalem Mental Health psychologist Emunah Faith Therapy

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Emuna TherapyEmuna Therapy

About Emtwo men in white top standing beside wallunah Faith Therapy The Happy Possible You! 

Using the most powerful concepts in Emunah. Faith Therapy is a biblically derived and integrated method for psychological healing and spiritual growth based on the process of salvation by faith. 

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Stengthing ones true faith is the root treatment for all anxiety and depressional problems. Each and every one of us are spiritual beings with the need to connect to Hashem. Our Fears anxieteys and depression are a bridge that Hashem has Given us to help us to connect to the Creator. 


In reality each and every mental difficulty that we are experiencing is really a Bracha from Hashem. A personalized gift that allows for our own personal journey to connection and Teshuva. 

  Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Its time to Begin!  

Emunah Faith Therapy started by Rabbi Tzvi Kotler Yeshiva Chut Shel Chesed  and  dedicated student of Rav Shalom Arush. Focuses on increasing your faith through excercises in self awareness and gratitude and personal prayer. 


This simple  Emunah based  system has helped Thousands of Rav Shalom Arush's students achieve what we call Gan Eden in this World! 


Our simple convienient sessions are scheduled and take place over the phone as we begin to take you on the jorney of a life time. Th Possible Happy you. 


Thats Right Gan Eden in this world, a feeling of happiness and serinity calm and Shalom as we are able to get past our current mental and spiritual hinderances and elevate our selves to a life of Emunah and Faith. 


Its time to get started on your paith to 

The Happy Possible You! 

Email today to to schedule  a Free phone consiltation and get the process started to the Emunah filled happy Possible You! 



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