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 Ramban St 8 Rehavia
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Sheyan restaurant is a captivating merge between Jerusalem’s eclectic atmosphere and China’s traditional cuisine.

The restaurant is located in the magical wind mill building in Rehavia. The mill, built by the Greek Orthodox Church, has been renovated for residence by renowned architect Erich Mendelson and has served as a European salon for intellectuals such as Dr. Ticho, Zalman Shoken, Shlonsky, Alterman and others – standing for true cosmopolitan ambiance. The blessed Chinese influence is expressed in the name Sheyan – literally meaning the last sun rays of the sunset as well as the first city to ever have a restaurant. This same influence also come across in the interior dcor. Every item at Sheyan, from chopsticks to pictures, pots and serving utensils is imported from china after having been meticulously and personally chosen by the owners. All this with the additional touch of special lighting gives Sheyan its unique chic and makes it a warm, hospitable place.

The menu at Sheyan is based mainly on north-Chinese cuisine and also includes dishes from Mongolia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. The kitchen staff is comprised wholly of Chinese experienced expert chefs who prepare traditional dishes in the utmost culinary integrity – with no compromises or shortcuts.

The client is the most important person – this is Sheyan’s moto – therefore we take great care to provide him with precise and professional as well as attentive and friendly service. The kosher menu allows for a beautiful meeting of clients from all different places and sectors: secular, religious, natives of Jerusalem and tourists of all religions – and all enjoy the beauty of the place, its exquisite food and its positive, heart warming atmosphere.

At Sheyan we are happy to host any kind of event and to construct a special menu, designed precisely to cater for the client’s every wish.
The restaurant also offers spectaculars private rooms, the golden room, which is in the base of the windmill; you can find a large round table seating fourteen people and a splendid set of dishes with a 24 gold karat decoration.

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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