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Land for sale in Tel-Aviv (Glilot)

Land for sale in Tel-Aviv (Glilot)
Land for sale in Tel-Aviv (Glilot)
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 Sokolov 9 Rehovot
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Land for sale Glilot ++++++++++++++++ Sale 500 sqm - Glilot Tel-Aviv Bloc 6618 Block 3 Approved plan, All 83 sq m - the right one apartment. There is no transaction tax. Was paid upgrade. The price of NIS 6,400 per sqm.($631,000 for the 500 sq.m) Land investment in the residential district of north Tel next spring, allowing you to get some more from the big city ... More cafes you love, the more new entertainment venues, more shopping, culture, parks and experiences. The land is on the border between Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon and adjacent to the Ayalon Highway, Spectacular complex extends over an area of ​​approximately 2,000 hectares! Whatever you are so fond of Tel Aviv, but more within walking distance from the beach. "New North" Future contain 12,000 units and approximately 700,000 square meters residential commerce, Alongside approximately 1,000 acres of parks, bike paths, cultural centers, leisure, recreation, train station and of course educational institutions.

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