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Individual Mental Health Counselor

Individual Mental Health Counselor
Individual Mental Health Counselor
CALL NOW  050-304-4040
 Menachem Begin 51 Tel-Aviv
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My name is Lana Kudinova.

I work with normal people going through challenging situations.

To picture this, imagine yourself inside a tornado: flying trees, houses, cows and you are in the middle, completely lost and disoriented.

It’s hard to find your way out and it just becomes more stressful with time.

My goal is to help you to organize the “houses”, “trees” and “cows” and put them into their proper placements. As a specialist, I will illustrate to you how your thoughts, feelings, and behavior are all related and lead to a current symptoms.

You will learn new thinking strategies of how to best deal with your situation independently which will stay with you long after our work together is completed.

I will help you:

• Overcome your fears and depression

• Understand yourself better, which will raise your self-esteem

• Learn more about your feelings and how to control emotions

• Understand your current family situation

• Hear, understand and become a better listener for your partner

• Communicate better with friends and colleagues

My work integrates different counselling approaches (CBT, Family System approach, existential therapy, art-therapy and others). Although CBT is effective in many cases, sometimes it’s better to use other strategies depending on case and person.

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