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Look To The Stars - Consult With Experienced Astrologer

Look To The Stars - Consult With Experienced Astrologer
Look To The Stars - Consult With Experienced Astrologer
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Realize your full potential with a consultation from experienced astrologer Channa Wasserman. She will study your birth chart and help you maximize your strengths to effect growth in your individual life, your relationships, your careers, even your image!

Basic Consulation: Channa will analyze your birth chart and discuss with you how to best manage your personal growth.

Relationships Consultation: Channa will analyze your birth chart and, if necessary, your partner's, and discuss ways to better communicate and relate to each other. If you are single, she will discuss how better to handle romantic relationships.

Career Consultation:Channa will discuss with you how to use the strengths in your chart to make your career a success.

Image Consultation: Did you know that the stars can best tell you how to accentuate your natural beauty? Let Channa explain what works best to make you absolutely stunning. Free color consultation included! NOTE: All Image Consultations MUST be done in person.

Consultation Plus: Basic consultation plus one other consultation of your choice.

Consultation Premium: Basic consultation plus two other consultations of your choice.

Consultation Deluxe: All four consultations.

All consultations include:

- In person counseling session
- Written report sent via email

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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