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Take your decisions seriously- Adlerian coaching.

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The holidays and the beginning of a new year is a great time for change. We have plans for the new year. We promise ourselves that from now on we will do everything better. This is even part of our Judaism with the idea of "Tsuva". This is the time for decisions!

What did you promise yourself this year?

The thing is that many of these decisions are painfully familiar. We have made the same decision last year.

Change is challenge, our habits, our comfort zone are the automatic thing we do.

In order to make a lasting change, may it be big or small, we have to anchor it in our vision, in our values and in our habits.

Adlerian coaching is a short time process in which you set goals, and anchor them in your life. It is based on Alfred Adler's theory and on modern coactive coaching tools.

Take your decisions seriously this year, Learn to make real change and anchor it in your life.

Call me to learn more.

Miriam Baris


About me:

I am a certified coach from the Israeli Adler institute.

I am a parenting guide doing internship in the Adler institute.

I was born in Israel, spent a few of my childhood years in the states and speak both Hebrew and English fluently. I live and work in Jerusalem.

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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