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Outsourcing services - Bulgaria and Macedonia

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Interested in outsourcing services or departments into Bulgaria or Macedonia?
As an individual, I have experience living and working in Bulgaria for over a decade. I speak the local Language and I am aware of all the specifics when it comes to doing business in the country.
I can assist you with registering a business entity (the all process is fairly simple and low-cost, e.g. the minimum capital required to register a sole ownership limited liability company is 1 EUR). One of the main advantages being that Bulgaria is part of the EU (European Union) and has a 10% flat rate corporate tax.

If required, I can also hire your local staff, rent an office at the best price and act as your local representative and manager.

Similar services are available for the Republic of North Macedonia.

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SERVICING: International

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US Tax Specialist
050 263 8309
Beitar Illit
Yohanan Beeri . . ARCHITECT
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