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| Condor Audio - Audio Video VCR Computer Service

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  Gush Etzion - serving all Israel
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Computer Sales and Service - Repairs, Networks, UPS, VCR, VHS, DVD, Stereo, etc

A real-life electronics technician with over 25 years experience (Not just paper qualifications like so many "techs" learning on your equipment at your expense). That means the right repair, the first time!

Electronic Equipment Restoration and Repairs to all common and exotic brands.

USA 110V Bose Wave radio? Doesn't receive all Israeli stations? Solved right here - no need for ugly external transformers! And many other electrical aliyah problems solved as well.

Real-life fully equipped diagnostic lab on the premises, to solve the problems others can't (or won't)!

Repairs to Computer Motherboards, Power Supplies, UPS's, Scanners, Oscilloscopes, High-end and Regular Stereo, Radio, Receiver, Record Player, Turntable, VCR, VHS, DVD, CD Player, Tape Deck.

Custom Speakers and Subwoofers designed to your taste.

Fair Prices to match your budget, with Anglo professionalism and attention to detail.

Please visit my website for more details.

SERVICING: Gush Etzion | Modiin | Tel Aviv/ Mercaz | Jerusalem | Beit Shemesh

Last updated: 23.2.2018
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BOSE repair
Date: 2017-06-08 18:10:38
After searching around Jerusalem, Menachem was the only one I found who actually repaired BOSE products (even the BOSE store could not give me the name of someone). He displayed a thorough expertise in electronics and sound from the first phone call and advised me on a number of things, not just the speaker. His quote was reasonable and he stuck to it scrupulously - even refunding me 3NIS at the end for a PayPal adjustment. I mailed him the speaker, he kept in touch when it arrived, gave me a thorough run down on the repair and mailed it back to me repaired. I am very impressed and recommend his services. Thank you Menachem!
Date: 2017-04-25 21:03:29
Had a 15 year old 5 disc player - went haywire. Described the problem by email, got in depth explanations about the options - and the recommendation that "they don't make em like that anymore" and it is worth fixing, with an estimate that ranged from being a "no brainer" - to expensive. Because of the reviews and Menahem's recommendation, I decided to send it over. The final price was not too much above the minimum (far from the maximum) and I am confident that the machine is going to work better and longer than if I would have spent 50-100% more than the repair fee on a new one. The repair was done very quickly - the only downside is Menachem's location, which made getting the unit to him a bit complicated.
If you have good quality equipment that needs repair, you won't be sorry investing in having Menahem do it.
BOSE repair
Date: 2017-02-18 23:01:02
The sound from our newly repaired and renovated BOSE radio and CD player is truly outstanding. Although it took a while to get the right parts from abroad we were kept updated and fully "in the picture".Menahem, thank you for bringing our music CD's back to us!
value for money
Author: David Glick
Date: 2016-11-12 22:35:40
My home audio companion, a Bose radio/CD, had been neglected (my fault), badly repaired once in the past and more recently abused (the fault of someone else). I had tried several places to have it repaired before I turned to Menahem, a.k.a Condor. He assured me he could do it and quoted a price range, depending upon the parts and extent of the work necessary. He did a thorough job of replacing broken parts, beautifully cleaned the entire unit, both inside and out. The final price was as quoted.
Menahem seems to love working on old but good audio equipment. He described to me the difficulties of the work as it was in progress, sent me photographs of the guts of the unit (impressive, but the details were lost on me). He tested it in all kinds of ways and assured me it was in better shape than when it was new. I'm completely satisfied with the results.
I should mention that getting the unit to him was complicated. Menahem lives and works in southeast of Hebron, and I was reluctant to drive there from Jerusalem along unfamiliar roads. To get it to him, friends undertook to pass it along from one place to another; to return it Menahem found a friend who was traveling to Jerusalem.
great and honest service
Date: 2011-05-30 10:47:54
I am very very happy that Menachem was introduced to me by a friend and neighbor. He is the ultimate professional by not selling you anything that you don't need, and always, always will be honest with you as to what you should and should not buy.

As an electronical engineer, He knows a tremendous about all the modern electronic items and products and sits down with you to understand what you want, and then builds/sells you system based upon only what you need, not what you think you need.

His prices are very reasonable and I know from experience that if you listen to his advice, you may spend a bit more now, but again from my experience, it will save you a lot of money and aggravation in the future. He is always helpful and available, stands by his word, and will come to your house in a timely fashion to fix any problems that you might have!! I very much recommended menachem for all your electronic, and especially computer needs!
Author: joe
Date: 2010-12-21 15:34:37
Menachem is great to know. Not only fixes my computer but other electronic items too. Always great to know I have one of those guys that doensn't tell me to just by a new one but fixes what can be fixed. That includes my UPS. It only needed a new battery.
More for your money
Date: 2010-12-20 10:38:46
Menachem does things the right way. He isn't into cutting corners to make it cheaper in the short term; He gives you the best equipment possible so that it will last double, triple, or even a longer life span than it would if someone used cheap material to fix the appliance. I have listened to Menachems suggestions and have seen the fantastic results. Menachem is like his name- comfort and relief. For you, your family, and your appliances.
Author: Martin
Date: 2010-12-20 10:05:22
After much searching for a technician here in Israel to repair my aging Bang and Olufsen music system I stumbled on Menahem. Fro the first moment I knew I was in good hands, here I had found someone who loved what they were doing, and boy did he do it well. I had previously been in touch with a few places, b ut none had the appreciation of what this system was and were willing to change parts to some Korean made junk, and charge like they put gold inside- Menahem was different! He replaced all the diodes in the system, also capacitators, and had the system working as new. In fact he even French polished up the speakers and replaced the mid-range with a speaker so good, that when a friend of mine came over to listen ( This guy is a world renowned conductor) he was convinced he was listening to a 10,000$ system. Every day when I switch on the music I thank Menahem in my heart,the overhaul may not have been cheap but it was certainly money well spent.
Guys- If you use Menahem you will not go far wrong.


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