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Typist, Transcriber & Translator

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Milka Perlman (Giv'at Shmuel or nationwide via e-mail)

Will type all your work Letters, Tables, Student Reports, all kinds of document, Legal & Medical Reports and much more. 
 Also l am a Hebrew to English Translator (English mother tongue) -  I do all kinds of work. Specializing in Legal and Medical Reports, Agreements, Contracts, Wills, Affidavits, POA's, Presentations and & much much more!
Plus, I do transcribing from English to English ONLY!
Fast, clean to the eye & accurate work. Able to meet deadlines and have 30+ yrs. of experience 

For more information : Contact me at or leave me a text message at 052-857-1371

Reasonable prices and guaranteed you will like my work, because I love doing it!

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Last updated: 28.7.2019 | Views: 209

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