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Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist
Personal Stylist
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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. And a part of that is finding the right clothes, the ones that make you feel attractive and give you confidence.

Do you feel overwhelmed by choice, and confused by what looks good on you? Have you been through a big life change, and suddenly realize you need to update your look?
I will show you the right clothes for your body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle, and I will help you to elevate your look.

Give me a call, we'll chat and analyze your needs, and I will tailor a package for you.
Prices for packages range from approximately 1000 NIS (consultation, shopping trip and follow-up) to 1500 NIS (consultation, wardrobe assessment, shopping trip and follow-up).

Personal styling is an investment in you.
And - to steal a line from L'Oreal - you're worth it.

Make sure to say you found them on Janglo.

SERVICING: Jerusalem

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