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Video: Parenting Course - Making a Map for Success

Video: Parenting Course - Making a Map for Success
Video: Parenting Course - Making a Map for Success
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This first class kicks off an eight week course on the fundamentals of parenting. The skills you'll learn will help you tackle both normal as well as serious behavioral problems and will also enable you to help build your child's emotional world.
The skills presented are supported by the American Psychological Association and are evidence based. They've been shown to be effective in not just normal parenting problems but also issues like anxiety, depression, poor social skills, Autism, Antisocial Behavior Disorder, ADHD, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. These skills also enhance overall personal resilience, self-awareness, prosocial behavior, and academic performance setting up your child to a beautiful and meaniningful life.
In this first class Rabbi Yonasan Bender LCSW presents the outline of the course ahead and then zeros in on how to best orient oneself to the job as parent. Where do you stand now? What goals are you trying to achieve. Without this fundamental direction specific skills will be of little use.
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