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Private US & Israel Board Certified Internist - Dr Yael Raymon, MD

Private US & Israel Board Certified Internist - Dr Yael Raymon, MD
Private US & Israel Board Certified Internist - Dr Yael Raymon, MD
CALL NOW  02-563-5673
 60 Diskin Street Rechavia Jerusalem
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Dr. Yael Raymon provides comprehensive internal medicine primary care in an outpatient setting. In New York, Dr. Raymon worked at the Sloan Kettering Urgi-Care Center and was an Asst. Professor of Clinical Medicine at Weill Cornell Hospital.

In Israel, Dr. Raymon is an Attending Internist at the Meuhedet HaTurim Urgi-Care Center, and has a Private Practice in the Jerusalem Office.

Medical Services:

  • Annual/Periodic Physical Examinations
  • Urgent/Sick Visits
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Acute/Chronic Illness
  • Preventative Care for Health Maintenance
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss
  • Medically Supervised Smoking Cessation
  • Cholesterol and Blood Sugar management
  • Constipation and GI tract management
  • Side effects of cancer and therapy management
  • Assistance with healthcare proxy and end of life planning

To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Yael Raymon
Please call02-563-5673 / Clinic Whatsapp +972-58-563-5673

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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