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Therapeutic Massage by Raizel

Therapeutic Massage by Raizel
Therapeutic Massage by Raizel
CALL NOW  054-846-7206
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U.S. Certified massage therapist with over 12 years of experience and many happy clients. Specializing in swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, reflexology and aromatherapy. Also pre- and post-natal massage.

Whether you need some deep tissue release of knots and relief from aches and
pains... or you simply want a relaxing nurturing treatment to minimize
stress and feel balanced...or both -each appointment personalized to individual's needs.

Now taking new clients in my centrally located clinic.
Gift certificates available!

Very reasonable rates...
Because every woman deserves to feel her very best!

Raizel Schaeffer CMT

054-846-7206 cell

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SERVICING: International | Jerusalem

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Author: Stefanie
Date: 2015-09-30 11:56:43
Raizel is a great massage therapist, mabye the best I have been to ever.! I saw her every three weeks during the second half of my pregnancy (she has these great pillows which allows you to lie on your stomach even when 9 months pregnant!!). It was incredible how she loosened my stiff back and shoulders, her hands found all the sore spots and gave me some relieve. Not only is she a very talented massage therapist, she also is a very warm and kind person. I HIGHLY recommend her.
The best!
Author: Naama Navon
Date: 2014-05-06 23:05:25
It never occured to me that I would find a better massage therapist here in Israel than I had in the United States. But, here she is! Raizel is amazing! She has strong hands and a gentle spirit. The combination is ethereal. Her massage takes you to a place of deep relaxation. An "other worldly" experience. I have had many friends reccommend massage therpaists to me, but I have enough experience to know that I have found the best. THIS is the ultimate experience!
Massage Therapist (28 years)
Author: amanda
Date: 2014-05-05 17:24:59
Raizel is a very talented and skilled massage therapist. I am a professional, and I am VERY PICKY about my massages. Raizel is the best therapist I ever had during my 2 years in Israel. She was my "go to" person when I needed healing or just a wonderful pick-me-up. Her hands are strong, her work is deep and intuitive when needed, but she can also utilize energetic and light work when required. She is always learning and growing and she is a wonderful woman to get to know too. Highly recommend giving Raizel a try. You won't be sorry! (I miss you Raizel)
Author: Reisy Stern
Date: 2014-04-29 00:03:04
Raizel's massage is incredible!
She just has the know-how,the right energy, intuitive hands and is gentle but deep in her approach.
Very few massage practitioners have such ability and put their heart and soul in it like Raizel.
Highly recommended!!!

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