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Long Term Rental in RBS Aleph near Shopping Area

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Event Coordination, Large Pesach Sedarim, Pesach Menu

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We proudly present our Pesach Menu for Pesach 2020.

As always, all ovens, BBQ’s, and ALL keylim (pots, pans, etc…) are brand new for Pesach 2020.

We accept only a few orders so that we can maintain high quality. We look forward to serving you.

Mehadrin. No Gebrokts. No Kitniyos. No Schtik.

Mashgiach T’midi. ALL Shomer Shabbos staff.

Chabad option.

Simcha Catering available.



Seder and Yom Tov meals are 175 nis per person. Minimum order is 70 meals. There is a one dollar per meal charge for hashgacha paid directly to the mashgiach. Delivery in the area of Bet Shemesh / Yerushalayim will be 250 nis. This does NOT include the Old City of Yerushalayim. Delivery to other locations in eretz Yisroel are possible and are based on the round trip cab fare from Betar.

Delivery will be Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the day/evening of B’dikas Chometz.

You will need refrigeration space.

Portions are large so one meal should be ordered for every 2 children.

All of the following is included :

[ ] Matzo Shmura, hand or machine

[ ] Wine, Grape Juice, beverages

[ ] High Quality disposable ware, no tablecloths

[ ] Seder foods, romaine lettuce will be un-washed.


Our suggestions follow. We are happy to consider your suggestions.

[ ] First course choices include :

Gefilte Fish and Chrein , Crunchy Salmon Fillet , Garlic Salmon Steaks

Chopped Liver, Chicken Livers in Raspberry Sauce, Beef liver as available

All served with salads of your choice including coleslaw, tomato cucumber and onion salad, marinated mushrooms, spicy pepper salad, many eggplant salads to choose from

[ ] Soups, delivered frozen, include :

Chicken Soup, rich and flavourful

Hearty Vegetable Soup (no meat ingredients)

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

AND NO SOUP MIX, chas v’shalom

[ ] Suggested Main Courses :

Roast Beef Brisket, Pepper Steak, Beef Merlot, Beef Stir Fry

Chicken l’Orange, Honey Baked Chicken, Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Stir Fry

Salmon – fillet or steak, honey and almond or herb spiced

All served with your choices of potato kugel, vegetable kugel, braised potatoes and onions, tzimis (yumm …), fried peppers and almonds, sweet potato blintzes

[ ] Desserts (choose 2)

Compote, Wine Baked Apples stuffed with Charoses, Pareve Ice Cream – many flavors.

***************              *****   ******* ******           ***

Chol haMoed BBQ in the park (Our Shomer Shabbos staff comes to your location, delivery charge may apply.) ORDER EARLY to guarantee the best beef.

BBQ’s are included. Tables and chairs are not included.

Our Chol haMoed BBQ’s are $99 per person plus 15% gratuities (paid directly to the waiters), 100 guest minimum, and  include a full menu of entrecote steaks, chicken breasts, pargiyot, hamburgers, sausages (not hot dogs), BBQ brisket and most anything you desire.

Full Salad Bar and Full Dessert Bar

Shmura Matza, Wine, beverages, disposables, AND A FULL SHOMER SHABBOS STAFF.

There is a one dollar per meal charge for hashgacha paid directly to the mashgiach.

*************             ********      **********               ***************

We look forward to serving you. A gut Yom Tov.

Make sure to say you found them on Janglo.

SERVICING: Jerusalem

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