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 Shlomzion 1 Jerusalem
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Delectable Dinner Dining

by Sybil Kaplan
Photographs by Barry A. Kaplan
Shlomzion 1
Phone 02 628-2558
web - Dunyashlomzion

Kosher - Rabbanut Jerudalem

Hours- Sunday to Thursday--8 a.m. to11 p.m.
Friday--8 a.m. to3 p.m.

The wordDunyain Arabic means the temporal world and its earthly concerns and possessions. When owners, Ayelet and Erik Azriel, opened their restaurantJanuary 1, they chose this word to describe what they wanted their restaurant to be--the very best in the whole world.

The Azriels are owners of a coffee shop in Modiin and who devote a lot of their time to catering; she has a degree as a pastry chef from the now closed Hadassah College Culinary Division.

With Dunya, they have chosen a great location in downtown Jerusalem and created a warm, comfortable setting to promote dinner dining.

An outside patio facing Shlomzion Hamalka has seats for 20; glass windows across the front of the restaurant face Shlomzion Hamalka Street and through the entranceway, one comes to the main dining room, where there are 24 seats at wood tables; the floors are tiles. floors. On the left is abrickwall adorned with a large mirror.Further back is the bar with artistically arranged wine bottles to the ceiling and chandeliers overhead. There are bar stools for 8 and a window to the kitchen.
On the right side of the main dining room are windows overlooking another outdoor patio seating 20.

A new waiter, Shai, was especially helpful and we noticed very attentive to the other guests during the evening, as were all the other wait staff.

Dinner is served from5 p.m.with 11 first courses ranging from NIS 14 to NIS 54. The chef started us off with a small portion of Beets Tortellini (NIS 52). Filled with subtle tasting, fresh goat cheese, the tortellini sat in a beet cream sauce and were garnished with grated Parmesan cheese, coriander and parsley--beautiful looking as it tasted--especially for me who loves beets.

Next, he sent us a full portion of the Half-half Balladi Eggplant (NIS 48), a really attractive and special flavorful dish with burned eggplant--half with green tchina and lentil sauce and half with yogurt and spicy tomato sauce---all very light in taste.

We noticed a number of dishes on the menu were accompanied by Dunya bread, so we asked to try that (NIS 14). This home-made, sour dough bread, made in a stone oven, was accompanied by tomato spread, pesto, black olives and butter and was wonderful.

There are 10 main courses, ranging from NIS 52 to NIS 88. The chef first sent us a small portion of the Salmon Filet (NIS 82), cooked in the brick oven, with a lemon and thyme butter and accompanied by "bonfire" sweet potato, white potato, carrot, cherry tomato, eggplant and red onion---delicious for those who love salmon and roasted vegetable.

He then sent us the full portion of Halloumi Salad (NIS 49), a special tasting combination of fried halloumi cheese patties with lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and red onion, in a teriyaki sauce, garnished with peppermint leaves.

There is a choice of 6 desserts at NIS 32 each, so we shared the generous portion of cheese cake with strawberry confiture---a very good crust and rich filling.

Soft drinks, hot drinks, beers and alcohol are offered as well as a night menu at11 p.m.with 10 choices ranging from Dunya bread and dips to Fish and chips.

One must add that Dunya serves breakfast all day with 13 choices including a soft drink and coffee (NIS 18 to NIS 98). In addition, there are 8 sandwiches and toasts referred to as "Comes with bread," served with salad and juice (NIS 35 to NIS 40). There are 6 salads served with Dunya bread and butter (NIS 40 to 49); pizza and focaccia in the brick oven with 7 choices (NIS 32 to 52); and a children's menu for NIS 40.

Dunya is definitely a great place to eat, regardless of the time of day and especially charming for dinner.

The author and photographer were guests of the restaurant.

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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