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WellBeing Clinic for Woman: Self Esteem Counselor

WellBeing Clinic for Woman: Self Esteem Counselor
WellBeing Clinic for Woman: Self Esteem Counselor
CALL NOW  054 572 9339    
 Rechov Kehati, Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem
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Learn to Thrive. Chaya from the Wellbeing Clinic offers Mind, Body & Soul counseling & and healing therapies to help women actualize their potential.

Want to free yourself from negative emotional baggage that's keeping you from meeting your beshert, connecting deeply with your spouse or heal scars from a broken marriage?

Make an appointment today.

Chaya uses a blend of healing talk therapy along with Imagery Work from the Journey and Reading the Foot which is a technique that allows Chaya to read your life's story. Naturally your body holographically records the story of your life. This story is expressed in your feet and toes and can be “read” to reveal your history, issues and emotional battles. In a short while you can redesign your dreams and unburden your shortcomings, while defining your true self.

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SERVICING: International | Jerusalem

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