How can I use Janglo to make more money?


More than five thousand people use Janglo every day, and many more connect with Janglo through email lists and social media. So your message on Janglo will get seen by a lot of people. But how can you make sure that EVERYONE out there sees your message? 

Feature your post on Janglo.  Featured posts are highlighted in highly-visible spots all around Janglo and our partner sites, and get seen about 100X more than regular posts. We'll also share your posts through our email and social media channels, giving you "2 for the price of one" audience expansion. (That means that in addition to your website exposure, you'll probably also be seen more on Facebook than you would by sharing it yourself!)

What's a featured post?

Featured posts rotate in various positions around the site, and look like this: 


or this:


Featured posts are also fixed at the top of their categories, so your ad will be the first thing people see when browsing. We also share featured ads through our social media and email channels. Depending on the length of your campaign, can expect that at least 100x more people will see your ad when it is featured it. 

How much does that cost? Is it complicated?

Featured posts are very inexpensive, at just NIS 30 per day, NIS 180 per week, or NIS 600 for 30 days. Your post will also be seen in highly-visible spots on Janglo Media Network sites like IsraellycoolLife In Israel, and, where they'll reach an additional 200,000 visitors per month. Done right, Janglo featured ads are much cheaper and more effective than Facebook or Google ads. See also: Facebook Ads vs. Janglo - Which has better ROI?

You can set up your ad easily on Janglo. Start by posting a message. Once it's published, you'll see options for promoting your post. Just choose the campaign duration and check out with 2 clicks. Payment is done automatically with Paypal, and your order is processed immediately. You'll receive an Israeli tax receipt immediately afterward.