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| Great Apartments Available In The Jerusalem Neighborhoods Of Choice! -All 100% Kosher

Jerusalem Apartment Rentals     Talbiya,Rechavia,Old Katamon     4 rooms     See on Map
Thursday, 16 January 8:46 AM



If you have visited Jerusalem before,then you know what to expect.Even if this is your first time visiting, we can guess! All you want is a lovely apartment where you can feel JUST AT HOME. The 100% KOSHER AND FULLY FURNISHED apartments listed below are all located in the lovely residential neighborhoods of Talbiye,Rechavia and Old Katamon. These 2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments are all in residential buildings and not anonymous projects. The neighbors are all true residents of Jerusalem and not transients. All these apartments are close to virtually everything in Jerusalem. By clicking on each address you will be able to get full information and see pictures of the apartments. Have any questions? Need more information? Let us know! With Jerusalem Apartment Rentals you can be assured of our full assistance to make sure your stay in Jerusalem will be pleasant and a success.

23 Ramban St.  1 Bedroom,1 Bath Garden Apartment

5 David Marcus St. Talbiya-1 Bedroom,2 Baths

15 Benjamin Disraeli Street-1 Bedroom,1Bath

11 Abraham Lincoln St. Talbiya-2 Bedrooms,1 Bath

1 Ramban St. Rechavia-2 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths

1 Ruth Street 2 Bedrooms 1 Bath

3-B Sokolov St. Talbiya-2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

3 Smolenskin Street-2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

3 Sokolov St. 2 Bedrooms,2 Baths

5 Washington St. Talbiya-2.5 Bedrooms,2 Baths

18 Kaf Tet B'November St. Katamon-2.5 Bedrooms,2 Baths

36 Rachel Imenu St. Old Katamon  2.5 Bedrooms,2 Baths

64 Azza St. Talbiya-3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

36 Jabotinsky St. Talbiya-3 Bedrooms,2 Baths

24 Abraham Lincoln Street 1st Floor  3 Bedrooms,3 Baths

13 Diskin Street in Wolfson! 3 Bedrooms,2.5 Baths

12 Agron Street 3 Bedrooms-Garden Apartment

42 Derech Azza 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths,Ground Floor

17 Tel Khai (Chai) 3 Bedroom 1,5 Baths Ground Floor

5 Diskin Street 3 Bedrooms,1.5 Baths

6 Shalom Aleichem Street, Talbiya-3.5 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths

27 Hovevei Tzion St. 3 Bedrooms,2 Baths Ground Floor


Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

052-977-9191 In Israel

972-52-977-9191 From Overseas

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Benjamin Plumber
RE/MAX Vision- " Our Vision, fulfilling your dream"
02-6731661 054-5777509
YYK Real Estate - Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel

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