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For sale by owner

Garden apartment 4 rooms bet shemesh₪1450000

David Pront     bet shemesh     4 rooms
Friday, 15 March 12:43 PM

Investment or residence  -  4 room garden apartment  in Bet Shemesh   96 meters   +  garden and pergula

110 meters.   Corner property  with rented studio apt   fetching 1400 shekels per month.   I have a signed 

contract   Binui  Pinui   -  they intend to build  new apartments -  move in first   -   key for key.    starting soon

could take 4 - 5  years.   then  we get 135 meters brand new garden apartment  5 rooms  worth  another 500.000

shekels.   If you are 96 years old   please do not answer this ad.   ( I am 75 next month  -   and am not waiting)

This is a fantastic investment   for investor or young couple   with mortgage    

please phone David Pront on 0522-601-680  or 02-6799127  A S A P  

 (no agency fees charged - this is my private apartment)


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