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| iVoteIsrael seeking to hire Regional Coordinators

Yossi Raskas     Beersheva
Wednesday, 29 January 7:56 PM

iVoteIsrael is seeking to hire Regional Coordinators to cover 8areas throughout Israel and encourage voter registration for the 2020 USPresidential Election 

Job Title: Regional Coordinator(s)

Job Duration: April-October 2020

Job Description: The Regional Coordinator will work, eitherpart-time or full-time, with a salary paid from iVoteIsrael and report to theDirector. The Regional Coordinator is responsible for the strategicimplementation of iVoteIsrael's campaign in your area and ensuring all tasks inrelation to getting eligible voters to register for the 2020 US PresidentialElection.

Job Responsibilities: The Regional Coordinator will be responsiblefor all aspects pertaining to recruiting, coordinating, and working closelywith groups of volunteers to ensure the timely functions of a door-to-doorcampaign in your area; developing and strengthening working relationships withcooperating organizational allies that exist in focal points in your area; proactivelyplanning and organizing programming and events to undertake in your area;ensuring that resource mobilization, effective communication, and informationsharing are being achieved at a regional level; and consulting with the otherregional coordinators and campaign HQ to ensure effective operations at acountry-wide level throughout the duration of the campaign. 

Job Qualifications: The ideal candidates should be: Americancitizens who are living in Israel and/or studying in Israeli university, speakboth languages, and are knowledgeable about politics and passionate about theUS-Israel relationship; possess strong managerial skills especially in relationto organization, taking initiative, and meeting deadlines; have a friendly,cooperative, and diplomatic character; and able to network well and implementprogramming and events in one of the following regions:

·      Jerusalem

·      Tel Aviv

·      Raanana

·      Modiin

·      Beit Shemesh

·      Gush Etzion

·      Beer Sheva

·      Haifa/Galilee/Golan 

Background: iVoteIsrael is a non-partisan organization, devoted to helpingAmericans in Israel register to vote in the 2020 US Presidential Elections. Wedo not support any candidate or party. As an issues-based campaign, however, webelieve in the need for elected officials who are committed to keeping Americastrong and will stand by Israel in absolute commitment to Israel's right tosafety, security, and self-defense.

How to Apply: Please send your resume and two references to: Please indicate in the subject line of theemail your choice to work part-time or full-time and your preferred region.


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