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| Masada and desert high tech tour

Sunday, 28 April 4:40 PM
Desert beauty, technology, and Masada extravaganza
Tuesday, May 14

The tour proudly presents the amazing achievement of the Ramat Hanegev research station:
To develop thriving agriculture, against all odds in extreme desert conditions, using brackish water and sandy soil.
During the tour, we will see a film describing the R & D activity and the connection with the farmers
The variability, we will see the various crops on which the experiments are conducted, the unique species developed in R & D, we will know the bumblebees
We will hear about the work of the agronomist and the farmer, and at the end of the tour we will arrive at the Negev produce shop, where we will get small tastings from my crops
R & D Naturally, available crops vary throughout the year, but each season has one or more of the following:
Sweet cherry tomatoes, peppers, salicornia, eggplants, zucchini, herbs, and more.
The tour is conducted by visitors center guides.
Solar observation:
The observation post presents the largest solar power station project in Israel, which is currently being developed in the Ashalim region.
As part of the project, three solar projects will be constructed, which will supply up to 3% of the electricity consumption in the Israeli economy.
Each project will generate solar electricity with different technology. The observation of the "solar valley" surrounding Ashalim (this is the only place in Israel
and in the world where three solar projects are being built in three different technologies will include a review of renewable energy in Israel
And an explanation of the three solar projects.

We will stop for a bite in beautiful Arad before our final approach to Masada.
You may choose something from one of the local eateries or bring your own food.

We will travel through the Negev and enjoy the sundown on our way to Masada where we will experience the greatest desert show in the world.

Under the Negev stars, we will watch the multi-dimensional sound and light show on the mountain of Masada.
Fire fury and high drama come alive!

Departure 2:00 from the Inbal hotel
Return around midnight.
Bring food and warm clothing for the desert evening (maybe a blanket)

Cost 300 shekels.

No shows are charged in full.
USA Notary Public In Israel

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