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| Galilee tour

Thursday, 16 May 10:24 AM
Off the beaten track in the Galil
Tuesday, June 11

As usual, I try to think of places and experiences that one does not normally do alone.

A visit to the Circassian cultural center in Kfar Kama in the lower Galilee.
There are only two Circassian villages in Israel and their story is fascinating.
It is a world that most Israelis and visitors are not aware of though it is a part of the colorful quilt that makes Israel a fascinating country.

Ride to the top of Mount Tabor, the highest point in the area for the best view of the Lower Galil and beyond. History and the Tanach come alive!
Here is where Devorah and Barak defeated Cicero and the Canaanites in a miraculous battle.
It is where Israel defeated the invading Arab armies in 1948.

We continue on to the shores of the beautiful Kinneret where we will visit the recently unearthed ancient Jewish town of Migdal.
This was a Jewish center in the second Temple period. It is described by Josephus as the town that engaged the Romans on the waters of the Kinneret during the Great Revolt.
The newest finds include a very impressive synagogue, mikvas, and Jewish symbols uniquely and superbly carved in stone.
All of this history and glory has a deep and dramatic history and was uncovered a few short years ago.
This is still off the beaten tourist track.

We will have the privilege of davening Mincha overlooking Tiberius from high above, at the tomb of the great Rabbi Akiva and the "Ramchal", blessed be their memories.

Bring lunch.
We depart from the Inbal hotel at 8:30 and return at 6:00
Cost: 280 shekels
cancellations 72 hours prior to departure will be charged in full.