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| CompuTip - Apple Quicktime? Uninstall it NOW R-045

Ami Raz    
Saturday, 28 March 8:49 PM

Apple 🍏 QuickTime  -- The US government issued an advisory on April 19th 2016 recommending that users uninstall the program.  But in 2019, I still found computers running Apple QuickTime.

Since many, if not most, Windows users have installed Apple Quicktime, at some point in order to play video and music clips -- it's worth checking out.  US-CERT is short for US Computer Emergency Readiness Team. 

It turns out that two vulnerabilities discovered recently “could allow remote attackers to take control of affected systems.”  Rather than issuing updates to patch the program, Apple announced that it was discontinuing support for Quicktime on Windows – effectively abandoning all Windows users who have Quicktime installed on their computers.

Computer security requires a multilevel approach.  I set up client computers with the following free security programs:  

  • An antivirus program
  • A second-opinion antivirus program
  • A website watchdog
  • A program to filter out unwanted “free” programs
  • A program to encrypt your website traffic in order to hide it from hackers
  • A program which warns you before making changes to your computer
  • An anti-ransomware “vaccination” program
  • A program to update the programs on your computer.  It’s very important to make sure that all of your programs are up-to-date. 

The free antivirus program that I recommend includes a software updater feature.  You could also download and install Secunia  to check for out-of-date programs. 

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