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| IsraeLifeTip - Lost Bank Accounts $$$ R09

Ami Raz    
Wednesday, 21 August 9:10 AM

Have you and your family been in Israel for years?  Chances are, you have pension funds and karnot hishtalmut from previous employers.  Are you keeping track?  Are they invested in the best funds?  How much are you paying in management fees (dmei nihul)?

The Bank of Israel inaugurated a new website, Har Hakesef2, which lets you search for lost bank accounts and pension funds.  You need to type in your Teudat Zehut number, and then fill in the date that it was issued and a few other identifying questions.

You end up with a list of institutions that have accounts for you – and their contact info.  You can do the same for relatives that have passed away.

Here is the link: 

Here are a few links that look useful: 




If Hebrew is a problem, I suggest using the Translate button on the Google Toolbar with the latest versions of Internet Explorer (Google translator doesn't always work on earlier versions of Internet Explorer).  In Chrome, you can right click on a blank area and then choose Translate. 

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