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Ami Raz    
Tuesday, 30 June 12:57 PM
Most Internet home connections in Israel are limited to 100 MB/s.


Actual speeds are usually much lower.  When members of a household share an Internet connection and stream movies, conduct Zoom sessions and play computer games, the low speed causes Internet crashes, freezes, and slowdowns.

The solution:  connect your house using fiber optics.

According to a recent news article, 800,000 homes in Israel are currently eligible for speedy, fiber optic Internet connections -- but only 150,000 homes are connected.  Connections can be as speedy as 1000 MB/s (megabytes per second). 

To find out if you're eligible:

Three companies currently provide fiber optic connections to Israeli homes. You can find out for free if you are eligible for a speedier connection.  If not, leave your phone number for the companies to call you back when your building does get connected to the fiber optic network.  

Cellcom - check on the website if you are eligible or call *2031

Want to compare prices?  Click here.

To test your Internet speed:

Click here. This site is in Hebrew and is set to use a testing site in Israel to determine your Internet speed.  

Note that Internet speed varies according to time of day, the number of people and programs using the Internet connection, the state of the network and, of course, the Internet packages you purchased for infrastructure (tashtit) and ISP (sapak Internet).

Some background: 

Until now, the government has required that Bezeq and HOT, the main Internet infrastructure companies, provide universal Internet service to all Israeli locations -- at their expense.  Since it's not economically worthwhile for them to lay down fiber optics to outlying settlements, towns, and buildings -- Bezeq and HOT have simply put fiber optics on hold.

As a result, Israel, the "Start-Up Nation," is currently ranked 77th in Internet speed.  See here.

For more information:

Ynet - dated 29/6/2020

Hon - dated 02/2020

The sites above are in Hebrew.  If this is a problem, for Chrome and MS Edge:  right-click on a blank area on the web page and then choose Translate.  For Firefox, I suggest using the Simple Translate add-on.

Be Well,

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