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| All About Tooth Whitening by Dr. Gil Garalnick

Zev Stub    
Monday, 24 June 10:07 AM

Keep Smiling 

All About Tooth Whitening By Dr Gil Garalnick, RBS Implants

Those white smiles you see on Instagram may have filters but a white smile in person can only be achieved through tooth whitening. Professional tooth whitening treatments, a process used safely and effectively for decades, is the way to revamp your smile.  

As we age, our teeth become stained and discolored. Teeth discolor for many reasons. Eating certain foods, cigarette smoking, and other habits take a toll on the color of our teeth. These stains infiltrate the external layer of the tooth to varying depths. In addition, some people have naturally yellowish teeth.

There are several ways to achieve whitening of teeth, including toothpastes—which are least effective—strips, and tray-based systems, which are worn for several hours a day for around two weeks. In-office quick whitening is also an option in some clinics.

At RBS Implants, we recommend the tray-based system. Impressions are taken, and personal silicone trays are made that fit precisely around your teeth. Bleaching gel is placed into these trays and the trays are worn overnight. This process is generally repeated for 10-14 nights. It is important to use properly fitting, professionally made trays and gel which is CE or FDA approved.

We prefer this way of whitening because it gives you control of which teeth you want to bleach and how long you want to bleach them for. The patient also keeps the trays and can maintain the whiter color in the future by wearing the trays for a night or two every six months or so.

This tooth-whitening process is safe and doesn’t damage teeth if used as directed. The shade of the teeth typically changes 3-5 shades lighter.  Pearly-white teeth cannot be achieved by whitening your teeth unless your teeth are already very white.

Common side-effects are sensitivity to extreme temperatures (mainly cold), general pain in the teeth and a tingling sensation for the first few minutes after the gel is applied. These are transient and pass a few days after whitening is stopped.

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