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Rachel Inbar    
Friday, 25 October 2:31 PM
Orange Sparkles - a magical story by Rachel Inbar

Relocating to Israel is bound to be an unforgettable adventure for 11-year-old Megan, 8-year-old Noah, and their little sister, Elise. But a whole new country, backwards-written language, and leaving everything they’ve ever known? Should they be excited or terrified?

While their dad starts his new job and their mom works out the details of the clinical trial for Elise who has Cerebral Palsy, Megan and Noah explore a nearby tunnel – discovering magic and cryptic messages.

Noah doesn’t give the magic much thought, but Megan can’t help but wonder if the magic is meant for something more.

Review: (more on Goodreads & Amazon) -

I have to say I was quite surprised. I truly enjoyed this book. In fact, when I got to the end, I couldn't help but think, "That's it? There needs to be more!".

Megan, age 11, is the oldest of three. Her younger brother is Noah, and her sister Elise has cerebral palsy. Mom seems devoted to her children, especially to Elise, and dad works a lot. The author doesn't clearly state what dad does for a living, but it must be something so big that his company decides to relocate him to Israel, a shock to young Megan and Noah.

The move will not be right away, so in preparation, Megan and Noah get special lessons to learn Hebrew and learn a bit about Israel before the big move.

After the big move, Megan and Noah go to the local park across from the apartment building they now call home. There is a tunnel there where Megan and Noah make a magical discovery. When they hold hands and see orange sparkles, they are transported to what appears to be a room connected to a hallway where some magic happens.

The family continues to adjust to their new lives in Israel. This includes taking Elise to see specialists for treatment. I'm not familiar with what life with cerebral palsy must be like, but it seems Elise's symptoms are severe. The little girl can barely move, and cannot talk. But she can smile.

Quickly Megan and Noah are fascinated with the magic in the tunnel. So much so they are able to take Elise there with permission from Mom. The magic does subtle, but good things for the children. I won't ruin it by saying what the magic does, so you'll have to read the book yourself to find out.

I truly found this to be an interesting, fun, and even short read. Even kids might enjoy this. My only complaints were lots of parentheses in Megan's narrative early in the book, and one minor error in the printing. Ok, and that it ended the way it did. I was looking forward to finding out more about the magic the kids experience via the tunnel. :) I could totally see a sequel working well for this book!

Available (with free shipping to Israel) on BookDepository -, on Amazon - - Makes a great present for kids in the US or Israel!

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