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| Digital marketing position available supporting a great cause (part time)

Adam Negnewitzky    
Friday, 27 September 2:12 AM

We are a growing marketing firm looking for a talented person who is passionate about doing good and able to help an organization grow their digital presence.

Our client has a small social media presence (FB + IG) and is looking to increase awareness of the great work they do. They also send out emails to their list via constant contact.

Responsibilities Include…

  • Curating and creating content for social media and email marketing
  • Working with our designers and video editors to create exciting and impactful content
  • We have tons of photos and videos that we’ve taken from our events which can be used on social media and in email blasts

The ideal candidate has….

  • experience creating engaging content
  • a strong understanding of how to engage with people on social media.
  • the ability to grow a following consisting of people who are genuinely interested in what we are doing – no fake follows or trading follows etc…
  • experience helping not for profits spread the word or promoting a business.

Can be done on your own schedule -- we just need to speak a few times a week. The pay is $12/hour and entails about 10 hours per week of work. There is definitely room for growth for the right person.

If interested, please respond with your resume along with 3 reasons why you are a good fit for this position.

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