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| Vintage Fine China (service for 12) - 4000 shekels

Shmuel Furman    
Sunday, 01 March 2:52 PM
Complete set of service for 12 with 7 pieces per place setting - Vintage Fine China - O&EG company (Oscar & Edgar Gutherz) Royal Austria - manufactured fine china in Bohemia region of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire from 1890 to 1918 - Very rare find to have a complete set of this fine china and with this many place settings - China pieces have a gold inlay as part of the design - Set is 98 pieces in total and includes the following:

15 inch oval serving platter
13 inch oval serving platter
oval bowl with lid
round bowl with lid
butter dish with cover
9 inch oval serving bowl
relish dish with handles
gravy boat with serving dish
cream and sugar set
service for 12 - 7 pieces per place setting:
10 inch dinner plate
8 inch salad plate
8 inch soup bowl
tea cup and saucer
4 inch bread and butter plate
5 inch dessert plate

A rare find to have such a complete set from this company - A replacement China business in the United States would charge more than $1,500 USD for this set intact - This is a great bargain at only 4000 shekels - Could be a perfect wedding gift for a young couple - Everything was used in a Orthodox Jewish home that kept glatt Kosher - China was used for Meat meals - Has not been used in more than 40 years

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to own a piece of history and to have a complete set of a rare Vintage Fine China!

This is a family heirloom that the seller inherited and the seller is looking for it to go to a good home as they are downsizing - China belonged to the seller's grandmother

If interested in arranging to see the China set, please either email, phone, or call:

Shmuel Furman
HaMakom HaEchad
Phone and WhatsApp: 052-792-2756

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