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| The Eucalyptus - A culinary delight in Jerusalemís Artist Colony

Zev Stub    
Thursday, 29 August 11:47 AM

Every week we visit great food spots around Israel to bring you the best food. This week we visit The Eucalyptus owned and directed by Chef Moshe Basson. See more on our Instagram pageFollow on Facebook

When walking up to The Eucalyptus, located in the beautiful Artist Colony of Jerusalem, the first thing we noticed was the amazing garden exploding from every nook and cranny of the exterior. Not only did it cover the walls, made for a beautiful setting and  a great natural barrier between the diners. It really felt like we were sitting on a quiet back porch as opposed to a crowded restaurant.

We were soon greeted by Chef Moshe Basson, and we quickly learned that this was no ordinary chef. As talented as he is as a chef, he is rich in knowledge of Jewish history and culture which snuck their way into almost everything he spoke about and of course, the food itself.  He explained the deep roots his dishes have and their connection to biblical themes, and he even managed to tie it all up with practical life advice. The really amazing thing about Chef Basson was the way he interacted with all of the diners. You can tell he truly feels as though the restaurant is his home, and the diners are his personal guests. 

Immediately after meeting the chef, the feast began. We were served bread with the most unique collection of dips I have ever experienced (my personal favourite was the pickled mango). The Chef begged (his words not mine) us not to eat too much bread and to only have “a kazayit to be yotzei”. 

As soon as we were “yotzei”, the real meal began. Plate after plate exotic dishes started to land on our table. Each one came with a detailed description from the waiters (who were fantastic by the way) and were plated so beautifully we hardly wanted to touch it and ruin them. Don’t worry, we did. After a few dishes,  I began to notice a theme going on. There was nothing generic about the flavors bursting from each dish. Sometimes, a steak is a steak from one restaurant to the next but not here. Every bite triggered the same thought in my head: “I was not expecting that - but wow is that good!”

Most important is the Halleluja dish. There is no point in me describing this one - you’ll have to watch the video, which you can find on our social media! Go check it out!

Here’s a few dishes I wanted to highlight - you don’t want to miss these!

Candied Lamb

No candy in this one - just lamb cooked to perfection wrapped in pastry. Named for its shape, not its flavor.

Seared Mallard Breast

My personal favourite. The only negative about this amazing, juicy piece of meat is that it really leaves you wanting more of it!

Slow Cooked Lamb

The Chef’s Choice. Soft juicy lamb in slow cooked to perfection. First you will need to cut through the pastry that seals in all that savory goodness. This is a must get entre when you visit The Eucalyptus. 

Thanks for checking in, see you next week! 

Don’t forget to check our Instagram for more pictures and of course, keep up with us in the stories @janglo_eats


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