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| Seeking sublet/short-term tiny place to stay Dec, maybe Jan

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Thursday, 21 November 8:54 PM
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I'm a Jewish American woman with an excellent credit score who gave up having a home base 8 years ago to get out of LA and live/explore the world. I keep coming back to Israel because - well, it’s Israel! (Because people always wonder and ask, I'll explain that I can do that because I'm a freelance writer, not because I'm a rich divorcee/widow.) Sometimes I stay in hotels or hostels, I CouchSurf or turn into a live-in tech or live-in writing/website helper. I also house-sit and watch a cat or rabbit or garden. 


Every time I come to Israel I end up spending most of my time up north or in Jerusalem. But I'd like warmth and water for a while, and I'd like to be able to visit family in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. I know that’s not easy, but if there’s a place in Tel Aviv its doable from, I’d love it.


So I wonder if by some wild chance, there was an apartment —  that I can afford — available during my 2 remaining months here. 


I don’t know what neighborhoods to ask for. I’m not trying to walk to the beach daily. I like walking. 


I know rents are very high in Tel Aviv and affordable ones are rather scarce — but I'm a great tenant so maybe that helps.


What I'd like:

Clean and comfortable. (I don't seek luxury but wouldn’t turn it down as a bonus!) It's just me and my carry-on backpacks (all pictured) so I don't need rooms, closets, or much space at all. Just a decent bed, a bathroom & shower, a place to do some basic cooking. (If there’s no bed perhaps I can buy an air mattress.)


Why I'm a great tenant:

  • I’ve managed properties. I don't call for help to change a lightbulb. 
  • I can handle steps.
  • I've house-sat for private homes in Los Angeles that are on both the US National Historic Registry and the CA Historic Registry — and am always asked back. In a home like that even a water spill is permanent damage and a stove can easily burn down the home. In other words, it requires care and diligence. 
  • I can provide great references in case you need them.
  • If you are legit, you won’t have a problem collecting the rent. I’m not a dodgy person and I’m 100% good for my word.
  • I’m clean. I typically leave a place cleaner that I found it.
  • I don’t take crazy long hot showers that cost you a fortune or make other occupants scream.
  • I won’t be putting out tons of garbage.
  • I don’t play loud music or keep a TV loud or have wild parties. 
  • I don’t require TV; I have my iPhone and earphones. However, if there is a TV, I’d use it to watch Israeli TV because I’m trying to learn Hebrew. (That talking dog helped a bit when I sublet in 2015.)
  • I’m a nice, courteous, helpful neighbor and person.
  • If your kitchen is Kosher I will honor that.


Contact info: please phone me at 050 713-8491.


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