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| New immigrants, save money on car purchase     Tel Aviv & surrounding areas
Monday, 16 April 9:12 AM

New immigrants, save money on car purchase


There are a couple of ways new immigrants can save money on their car purchase. One such method involves invoking your Olim rights. 

You will save between 8% and 12% off the MSRP/Mechiron value.

Conditions for using Olim rights include:

1) 4 years must elapse from date of purchase before you sell to an Israeli citizen.

2) Only two drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle.

3) You have three years to use your Oleh discounts to purchase a car.

Visit our website at to view additional incentives beyond the 12% when you buy P2P, or call us to explore your options for a car at (972) 02-991-3115. For those interested in researching the car buying process in Israel, check out our 'How to Buy a Car’ page at

Our available 2017 models, without Olim Reduction:

Kia Forte 2018, 0 km, Dealer price 135, nis 107,000
Subaru XV, 0 km, Dealer price 142, nis 116,000
Mazda 3 Premium, 0 km, 2.0, Dealer price 145, nis 130,000
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, 0 km, Dealer price 167, nis 146,000

Nissan Sentra 1.8, 2018, 0 km, Dealer price 135, nis 102,500 WhiteNissan XTrail, 7 seats, nis 156,000 

Kia Ceed, dealer price  133, you pay 108,000

Mazda 3 (1.6L), dealer price  130, you pay  111,000

Toyota Yaris 2016, 0 km, dealer price  104, you pay  92,500 1.3

Hyundai i20, 2016 dealer price  105,500 you pay  93,000, 1.4


For a pre-owned car it called  ‘Passport 2 Passport’ - Again the saving is between 8% and 12% off the MSRP/Mechiron value.


Check out a Facebook page: Buy and sell a car in Israel


Sales, insurance & rentals-ONE-STOP-SHOP–For all your CAR needs

- Helping you buy/sell your car 

- Checking the car 

- Negotiating the price 

- Finance options 

- Bureaucracy/transfer of ownership 

- Arrange competitive insurance quote 

- Car rental 

 Call for the latest great deals on new cars, details on finance options, warranty and for cars for sale with your Oleh rights,


With over 25 years of experience in the car industry, we will answer these questions and make the used car buying process easier for you. A member of the absorption department from Nefesh B’Nefesh will be on staff to answer questions regarding purchase and drivers licensing procedures. 


CARS FOR SALE: This weeks deals you can't afford to miss.


Best regards 

Ezra Benjamin

Sales, rentals & insurance

Office:  02 991 3115

Mobile: 054 591 5115


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