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Tuesday, 02 October 5:39 PM
What is Israel’s most desirable seven seater in 2019?
Jeremy Clarkson (popular English car journalist) talks about people who buy a minivan as though their life is over. If a car is an extension of ones clothes, then it may appear he has a point. BMW, Ferrari and Porsche make sport cars that are a thing of beauty, not seven seaters. But, most that read this article have large families and therefore need a vehicle that can transport thrm to their destination. Nothing can beat the versatility of a minivan for carrying lots of people or a lot of stuff. The high cost of new cars in Israel makes, for most of us, buying one, out of our range. That’s why minivans perform well in the used market, often selling higher than book price.
As the adage goes, it's not the size that counts, well with automobiles it is the seats that count, 'car-sales men' are bereft with the requests for 11 seaters. The king of the road is who has the most seats, and anyone who lives in Israel and has more than three kids can’t help but desire the minivan.
Because of the Mazda 5's Rock solid build quality, it is Israel's most popular seven seater (even-though it has now been discontinued). But it isn't as fuel efficient as a Toyota Verso or Mitsabushi Outlander, which we prefer. For moving your family, Toyota Sienna is almost a flawless minivan, sure it is held in higher regard, especially for those that come from the USA but the Mitsabushi Outlander is more practical size for the roads in Israel. The Outlander costs considerably more than the Mazda 5 but it is bigger and better equipped. This is a very reliable and popular people carrier, often selling higher than book price, privately. It preforms especially well in the fuel economy department.
Seven full size seats but, not the largest minivan in Israel. The trunk isn’t huge, 308-litre, only 22 more than the Mazda 5. Lots of pockets and cup holders that makes the cabin a nice place to be in.
The Toyota Verso is reliable and fuel efficient but it's small and is possibly too much of a squeeze for most families.
The Mitsubishi Outlander is a SUV that tops our list of recommended minivans for 2012 till 2018. Mitsabushi’s practical and luxurious 7 seater is roomy enough for most families, with enough space to comfortably seat seven adults. Although getting into the rear two is only for the nimble. And its size doesn’t mean it drives like a van either – the Outlander is responsive and comfortable to drive, with very little body roll, it does feels like a quality car. The Outlander has just added a hybrid to it's range, which just makes it even more appealing. The new cool is a daddy that has SUV seven seater.
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