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New 2018 Toyota Verso Gli ₪1819

iAnglo-Auto-Association     Tel Aviv and surrounding areas
Monday, 21 May 12:09 PM

What if everything youhave heard or assumed about leasing a car is Israel is not true, or at best notthe whole story?


Schedule a consultation today, we will help you put thispremier financial tool into the correct prospective.  While it will not bea fit for all instances it is the right choice for more clients than you mightthink.


Consider thisoffer  2018 Toyota Verso Gli 1.8 liter / 147 HP automatic transmission


In addition to thestandard equipment it has: 


  • Multimedia
  • Bluetooth
  • USB/AUX ports
  • Split climate control AC
  • Reverse Parking Camera
  • Rain Sensors
  • Light Sensors
  • Electric folding side mirrors
  • Mobile Eye Collision and Lane Deviation Warning System 

Full bumper to bumper factory warranty for contract duration


Purchases and open-endIsraeli style leases cannot provide the financial protection that's built intothis closed-end lease. It is the premier plan that assures you'll neverexperience negative equity. 

The all-NEW 2018 ToyotaVerso = 7900 down and 30 payments of 1819  per month 


If you already know thebenefits of leasing and want to inquire about this or other models, contact us here  or call 02-671-8847


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