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Honda Civic Sport₪65000     City Center
Monday, 17 September 8:01 AM
We believe the Honda Civic 1.8 (2012 to 2017) has the best engine in it's class. It is well equipped and look sensational. If that wasn't enough, It tops are list for for reliability and fuel efficient too.

Honda Civic Sport 2014, 42,000 km, nis 72,000 Gray
Honda Civic 2015, 50,000 km, book 77, nis 72,000 White
Honda Civic 2013, 52,000 km, book 65,800, nis 55,000 Blue

These car comes with the following:
- Full service history
- One year warranty.
- An inspection by an independent mechanic that confirms it is accident free and in great condition.

Call for details on the Summer Sale: Two years warranty and lower prices, for a limited time only. Finance options, for cars for sale with your Oleh rights, new & used cars.
Sales, insurance & rentals
Office: 02 991 3115
Mobile: 054 591 5115

Sales, insurance & rentals-ONE-STOP-SHOP–For all your CAR needs
- Helping you buy/sell your car
- Checking the car
- Negotiating the price
- Finance options
- Bureaucracy/transfer of ownership
- Arrange competitive insurance quote
- Car rental

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