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| Amazing Deal - Large Family Honda     City Center
Sunday, 24 June 12:37 AM

Honda Civic Tourer 2015, 81,000 km, book 86, nis 53,000 silver (R)

Honda Civic 2013, 52,000 km, book 70, nis 65,000 Blue yad 1 P
Honda Civic 2013, 59,000 km, 65,000 
Honda Civic Tourer 2015 49,000 km, book 86, nis 70,000

These family cars are both, reliable, practical and well looked after. 
This car comes with the following an inspection by an independent mechanic that confirms it is accident free and in great condition.

Call for details on finance options, warranty, for cars for sale with your Oleh rights, new & used cars.
Sales, insurance & rentals 
Office: 02 991 3115 
Mobile: 054 591 5115


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