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Brand New Super Kingsize ViSpring Mattress, imported from John Lewis UK ₪16450

Ben     Merkaz
Friday, 27 July 6:29 AM

Brand New Super Kingsize ViSpring Mattress, medium tension, for NIS16,450.

Purchased from John Lewis UK as part of our Aliyah shipment, but we cannot use it as it's not Zip n' Link.

The price is exactly what we paid for it, plus what it cost us to ship it from the UK.

See link to the John Lewis website for a description of this superb product, handmade in Devon, exclusively sold by John Lewis.:

 And to an Israeli retailer of the same manufacturer: 

The mattress is unopened and is in all it's original packaging, fresh from the store.

 It is located in Jerusalem - own pickup essential.  


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