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For sale

| Metal shelves, Sofa , Wall Plates, Pegs, Shelves, Desk

lea Kamran     Jerusalem Central Bus Station     See on Map
Wednesday, 12 September 9:43 PM
Closing Shoes Store in Jerusalem Central Bus Station Area
Telephone: 0526-813814
I have the following items for sale:

1) Sofa - Round Custom made for shoes store. Velvet, Dark Purple color in good condition for 400 Shekels

2) Wall Plates - Gray 1.20 width - 2.2 Height made out of wood and metal 250 shekels each plate. We have around 14 peices ;  you can purchase the number you need.

3) Pegs - 5 Shekels each

4) Shoe Shelves - 5 Shekels each

5) Wooden Desk metal based strong stable  4 drawers- in good Condition 750 Shekels

6) Metal Shelves - Strong Metal for heavy storage in excellent condition - two sections:
A) 4.25 meters width and 2 meters heigth,  50 centimeters depth  price 400 shekels/ meter
B) 2.25 meters width and 2 Meters Height,  50 centimeters depth price 400 shekels/ meter

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